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Antoine Puisais (b. 1975, France) approaches his practice through the translation of his inner perspective. Although Antoine does not consider himself strictly as a painter, he also looks to himself as more of an archaeologist whose paintings are first discovered then repaired. Antoine has developed a unique process of transferring paint onto canvas close to printing with a stamp. This process, which is very shaky, leaves a huge field for errors, accidents and alterations. He then finds this moment where the work truly begins in order to make links and find bridge, giving back a unity to all these fragments of paintings. For Antoine, the act of painting is a sweet war between the hidden and in plain sight It is a reflection of an interiority in a binary act of adding and eliminating. Antoine lives and works in Cannes, France.


2017, Composing and Caring, Sid Motion Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2016, Rhizomes, Play Time Project, Cannes, France (Group)
2015, Let The Legs Do The Work, Fondazione 107, Turin, Italy (Solo)
2015, Between The Manifest And The Hidden, Vigo Gallery, London, UK (Solo)
2015, Let's Talk About Postmodernity, Robert Blumenthal Gallery, NYC, USA (Group)
2015, Untitled, IDEA, Miami, USA (Group)
2014, Untitled, Robert Blumenthal Gallery, NYC, USA (Solo)
2014, Generation Of Painting, Fondazione 107, Turin, Italy (Group)
2014, Untitled, IDEA, Miami, USA (Group)
2014, Territoires, Galerie 59, Paris, France (Group)
2011, Drawing Now, Salon du Dessin Contemporain Galerie GZ, Paris, France (Group)
2011, Art ou Science, Couvent des Récollets, Paris, France (Group)
2009, Help The Grown Folks, Galerie J&T Montes, Paris, France (Solo)
2008, Cumul des Influences, Galerie J&T Montes, Paris, France (Solo)
2008, Summer Breeze, Galerie Mamatoro, Cannes, France (Solo)
2008, Prologue, Association Playtime, Cannes, France (Group)
2008, Festive Niu' Art, Hotel 3.14, Cannes, France (Group)
2008, What's New?, Galerie J&T Montes, Paris, France (Group)
2007, Le Royaume des Mouches, Galerie Mamatoro, Cannes, France (Solo)
2006, Le Volume, Association Playtime, Nice, France (Group)
2006, Atelier 46, Atelier 46, Cannes, France (Group)
2004, Made in Cannes, Espace La Licorne, DRAC de Cannes, France (Solo)
1999, Galerie de l’Homme d’intérieur, Cannes, France (Solo)