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Anna Sebastian (b.1990, UK) is a painter and draughtsman drawing on images from science fiction and myth. She previously studied at Goldsmiths College and the Royal Drawing School and has exhibited internationally including Homesession Gallery, Barcelona (2013), Ghetto Biennale, 2015 /17, Port au Prince, C&C Gallery (2020), and Gallery 46, London (2021). Anna lives and works in London, UK.


MA, Slade School of Fine Art, 2021-2022

Diploma, Royal Drawing School, 2013-2014

BA, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2009-2012

Diploma, Central Saint Martins, 2008-2009


2021, Only Fools and Morbid, Morbid Books, London, UK (Group)
2021, Nigredo, APT Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2021, Fantasy of a Trailer Car, Gallery 46, London, UK (Group)
2021, Projectionist, Temple Surrealist Band, Morbid Books, London, UK (Group)
2021, Life on Venus, The Tub, Hackney, UK (Group)
2020, We could apply our lipstick, C&C Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2019, Psychoanalysis, Art and the Occult, Merano, Italy (Group)
2019, Locus Solis, Gallery Tiresias, London, UK (Group)
2019, Future Sacred, Libertine, Los Angeles, USA (Group)
2019, The Politics of Experience, Invisible College and Philadelphia Association, London, UK (Group)
2019, Stalker, London, UK (Group)
2018, Occulture, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2018, New Materialities, Harlesden High Street, London, UK (Group)
2018, In Search of Lost Time, Tangent Projects at Bien Cuadrado, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2018, Invisible Gates, Mercer Chance, London, UK (Group)
2018, Space Day, The Hoot and Holler Inn, New Orleans, USA (Group)
2017, Harlesden High Street, The Muse 269, London, UK (Group)
2017, Ghetto Biennale, Atis Rezistans, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (Group)
2017, The Empath Project, Auto Italia East, London, UK (Group)
2016, Silver Pool, Retramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2015, Ghetto Biennale, Artis Rezistans, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Group)
2014, Verso, Tea-Building, Shoreditch, London, UK (Group)
2014, Postgraduate Exhibition, Princes Drawing School, Shoreditch, London, UK (Group)
2013, Your milk eyes; Open, Homesession, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2013, Taillers Obert, Homesession, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2013, Photon Project, VAMA Visuals, Victorian Vaults, London, UK (Group)
2013, NU, Brockley, London, UK (Group)
2012, Ornamental Status, 5th Base, London, UK (Group)
2012, Cabinet, Islington Arts Factory, Camden, London, UK (Group)
2012, Goldsmiths Degree Show, Goldsmiths College, London, UK (Group)
2011, Otherness and Exile, New Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2011, Control and Exile , DOX Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (Group)
2011, Now I can Live , HBFK Institute, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2011, Greenwich, Picture House, London, UK (Group)
2010, Heterotopia Provocation, Steamford Works, London, UK (Group)