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Ángel Mombiedro (b.1988, Spain) is a Spanish architect and designer who draws on references accumulated throughout his life. With training in Architecture in Madrid, Hamburg and São Paulo and professional experience in New York, Mombiedro explores different branches of disciplines at different scales; from exhibition and interior design, to New York skyscrapers, and corporate brand creation. Ángel lives and works in Madrid, Spain.


2019, Dwell 24: Ángel Mombiedro, Dwell

2019, Dwell 24: The Best Emerging Designers of 2019, Dwell

2019, Armombiedro's Collection Seems Simple (But IT IS NOT), Architectural Digest

2019, Collection 1 by Ángel Mombiedro, Design Milk

2018, Mr. Delic, THREE COLORS, Three Different Gourmet Spaces, Architectural Digest

2019, Color Balance: A Vibrant Collection Of Furniture by Angel Mombiedro, Architectural Digest