Available Works


Andrea Martinucci (b.1991, Italy) is an Italian artist whose multi-disciplinary practice explores an expanded approach integrating diverse media and languages through painting, video, photography and the digital. Andrea Martinucci’s work develops as a transversal journey, an expanded approach integrating diverse media and languages. His practice looks at the language of social networks and their affiliated subcultures, shifting the conventions of painting towards such aesthetical paradigm. In order to achieve a stereotypical depiction of his subjects, he strives to isolate the work from his subjective view of a given image. Abstracting from his own gaze, in his recent pieces Martinucci deviates from a personal perspective to embrace a sort of projection or cliché of representation. Andrea lives and works between Milan and Rome.


BA, Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, 2006-2009

Private Collections

Airbnb Art Collection, NYC, USA
Fondazione Coppola / AmC Collezione Coppola, Vicenza, Italy
BoCs Art Museum, Cosenza, Italy
Law Firm Di Pietro/Lucchi, Pescara, Italy
Banca Sistema Arte, Milano, Italy


2019, Pittura lingua viva. Parola ad Andrea Martinucci, Artribune

2019, I (Never) Explain #40 – Andrea Martinucci, ATP Diary

2018, Andrea Martinucci Simulacra, Camaræ

2018, Da Franco, Senza Appuntamento #2 | L’arte in una barberia, ATP Diary

2017, Quando Immaginario Digitale e Pittura si Incontrano, Collezione da Tiffany

2017, Artist-Run Space 2017 | ULTRASTUDIO | pt.1, ATP Diary


2020, Toast, Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze, Italy (Solo)
2020, Untitled, Vunu Gallery, Slovacchia (Group)
2019, Will Aliens Believe In Me?, Banca Sistema Arte Collection, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2019, I Will Give You A Taste Of Your Inner Desires, Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2019, XX Premio Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy (Group)
2019, A Glass Is Not A Reference For Amount, In De Ruimte Space, Gent, Belgium (Group)
2018, Glory Black Hole, Dimora Artica, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2018, Naturalia et Artificialia, Dimora Artica, Bologna, Italy (Group)
2018, Everytime You Switch Me Off, We Die, A Little, FOOTHOLD, Polignano a Mare, Bari, Italy (Group)
2018, Da Franco Senza appuntamento #2, Monitor Gallery Rome, Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy (Group)
2017, The Court - Voyage au bout de la nuit, Lucchi, Pescara, Italy (Group)
2017, Secret Cabinet, Dimora Artica Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2017, Ricognizioni - Dai Bocs Art i linguaggi del contemporaneo, BoCs Art Museum, Cosenza, Italy (Group)
2017, Riti e Credenze, Galleria Luisa Delle Piane, Milan, Italy (Group)
2017, FOREVER NEVER COMES, Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma, Grosseto, Italy (Group)
2017, Moneypulation, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland (Group)
2017, Endless Backup - Outher Space, Diego Bergamaschi, FuturDome - MiArt Fair, Milan, Italy (Group)
2017, Welcome Back Billy, Basement Project, StudiFestival #3, Milan, Italy (Group)
2016, Vis-à-Vis, Institut Français, Milan, Italy (Group)
2015, Bocs, Bocs Art Museum collection, Cosenza, Italy (Group)
2014, MAAM EMAAMCIPAZIONI, Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, Rome, Italy (Group)
2013, È così di cile dimenticare il dolore, Macro Museum, Rome, Italy (Group)
2012, Re-Azione, Fabbrica Borroni, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2012, SPAM!, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy (Group)
2012, Cartabianca, Villa Croce Contemporary Museum, Genova, Italy (Group)
2012, Quadratonomade, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy (Group)
2011, 6 UGUALE 9, Galleria Nuvole Arte, Montesarchio, Italy (Solo)
2011, PAPIROFLEXIA, Aratro Museum, Campobasso, Italy (Group)
2011, Young Forever, Palazzo della Cultura, Modica, Italy (Group)
2010, Videocards, C.o.C.A. Center Of Contemporary Arts, Modica, Italy (Group)
2010, AUFHEBUNG, Spazio 1:1 Projects, Rome, Italy (Group)