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Adrian Schachter (b.1996, Spain) is a contemporary visual artist whose works are developed through a sense of idealistic cynicism, moving him to analyse all hypocrisies and inconsistencies encountered. When applied to the world of images, Adrian was bombarded with an online presence since childhood, along with the rest of his generation. There was an appetite for digesting data in every form that was nothing less than voracious. Yet, the more diverse and psychologically charged the information was, the more Adrian became increasingly numbed and detached. While trying to elaborate this though his practice, Adrian found that pairing disparate but somehow tangentially related imagery created unintended relationships more profound and unexpected than when they existed on their own. In the process of mining for content that gets translated into his paintings, Adrian teases out and highlights connections that transform the way the viewer perceives the underlying material, creating new and unforeseen narratives in the process. Adrian lives and works in St. Moritz, Switzerland.


BA, School of Visual Arts New York, 2016-2020


2018, An Interview With Artist Adrian Schachter for #OriginalsMilano Grid Talk, Collater.al

2018, On Your Way, Vogue Italia

2017, Meet Rising Art Stars Adrian and Kai Schachter, Paper Mag


2019, Superzoom, Ferdinand Gros, Paris, France (Group)2019, Sicily Art Residency Exhibition, Linguaglossa, Sicily, Italy (Group)
2019, Family Vacation, curated by Kenny Schachter, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Group)
2018, Superzoom, Ferdinand Gros, Miami Beach, FL, USA (Group)
2018, Nuclear Family, Kenny Schachter, Shanghai, China (Group)
2018, Family Guy, Kenny Schachter and Simon Lee, Simon Lee Gallery, London UK (Group)
2018, Mutants, Caio Twombly and Christian Luiten, 132 Perry, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Sho-ho House, Something To Hate On (Raff Law, Dan Mould and Max Clarke), SoHo Revue, London, UK (Group)
2017, Cherry Blossom Festival, Ludlow House, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Nuclear Family, Kenny Schachter and Magnus Edensvard, Ibid Projects, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Group)
2017, Slipped Disk, 432 East 9th, curated by Caio Twombly, Kai and Adrian Schachter, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2016, Finders Keepers, 263 Bowery, curated by Caio Twombly, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Clear Eyes, Avenue C, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2015, Rubbish, Ciao Twombly, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2015, Post Contemporary and War, Caio Twombly, New York, NY, USA (Group)